IBM Launches Watson-Based Project DataWorks - Page 2

Project DataWorks is available on Bluemix, IBM's Cloud platform. "That means it can be accessed from virtually anywhere and easily configured to support most business processes, strategies or use cases," King said. "DataWorks also leverages a number of innovative open source technologies, including Apache Spark, as well as IBM Watson Analytics and IBM Data Science Experience."

Because of its use of Watson cognitive computing along with machine learning and Apache Spark, IBM said Project DataWorks can ingest data from 50 to hundreds of gigabytes per second, and can accept any type of data including data from enterprise databases, internet of things data, weather data and social media.

IBM launched the Project DataWorks effort with an ecosystem of more than 20 partners and technologies, such as Confluent, Continuum Analytics, Galvanize, Alation, NumFOCUS, RStudio, Skymind and others.

"IBM noted that DataWorks was designed with the same approach used by The Weather Channel, whose digital assets IBM acquired last October," King said in his newsletter. "Those include a flexible data architecture, rapid ingestion of multiple data sources and Internet-scale data processing and analytics complemented by IBM's Watson cognitive technologies and services."

Meanwhile, companies such as Dimagi, KollaCode, nViso, Quetzal, RSG Media, Runkeeper, and TabTor Math are already tapping into the benefits of Project DataWorks. Some of them were on hand at IBM's launch event in New York for the project.

"Runkeeper, now part of the ASICS family, is committed to providing a highly personalized experience for each of our 50 million global users to help them achieve their fitness goals," said Jason Jacobs, founder of Runkeeper, in a statement. "Project DataWorks offers a comprehensive cloud-based data and analytics platform that provides the perfect environment for us to experiment with and roll out new offerings for our users."

In addition, RSG Media, a provider of analytical software and services to media and entertainment companies, is using Project DataWorks to perform analytics across first- and third-party data sets. These include monitoring cross-platform content and advertising viewership, and identifying individual viewing behaviors while cross-analyzing demographic, lifestyle and social insights, IBM said. RSG Media's goal is to help its clients gain greater insights on audience preferences and develop optimized programming schedules.

"We realized that we needed more than just a cloud infrastructure provider," said Mukesh Sehgal, founder and CEO of RSG Media, in a statement. "We needed a partner to help us manage data on an unprecedented scale, and empower our clients to turn that data into insight. IBM is the only cloud vendor who offers an integrated set of capabilities for building advanced analytics applications that would allow us to quickly and cost-effectively bring new offerings to market."