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Will clustering make MySQL more competitive with companies such as IBM, Oracle Corp. and Microsoft Corp.?

We dont compete directly with them. Were in the commodity database market, where the needs are much simpler. In many big companies, we co-exist with Oracle or IBM. If an organization really needs all the features of Oracle, they should buy Oracle. But if they dont … I believe that a company should use the best tool for the job.

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By adding clustering, MySQL will be a better tool for a lot of new applications, solutions. A big enterprise company will always need a big stack of tools for the different work that needs to be done. We certainly see that MySQL will be part of an enterprise toolset, but we dont think it will be a general replacement for proprietary database offerings for every customer. Most of our customers are using a wide range of databases to solve different kind of problems, and I dont think that MySQL Cluster will change that.

What tools is MySQL coming out with to work with MySQL clusters? /zimages/1/67748.jpg

MySQL Administrator, that we just released, is a new graphical tool that includes support for maintaining clustering, and we are actively working on extending that capability. We are also working with a number of third-party companies to get even more tools.

At the conference this week, you could see MySQL working with products from Veritas [Software Corp.], from Quest Software [Inc.], from [Silicon Graphics Inc.] and others. We also announced a new partner program to make it even easier for companies to work with and support MySQL.

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