Adobe LiveCycle ES 2.5 Offers Arsenal of New Tools for Developers

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Adobe LiveCycle ES 2.5 Offers Arsenal of New Tools for Developers

by Darryl K. Taft

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Adobe LiveCycle Mobile ES 2

New to the LiveCycle family, Adobe LiveCycle Mobile ES 2 extends process management, data capture and content services to mobile devices, providing true enterprise mobility. LiveCycle Mobile ES 2 easily integrates with back-end systems and enables intuitive mobile experiences for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. Organizations can also provide more social experiences by creating user-centric RIAs that embed real-time collaboration including chat, voice, video, screen and application sharing.

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Solution Accelerators—Correspondence Management

Adobe Solution Accelerators provide best practice methodologies, solution templates and building blocks to extend LiveCycle ES 2.5 to help kick-start project planning, decrease development time for production applications, and reduce risk with a supportable and upgradable framework. Here, the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator streamlines personalized correspondence creation and management.??íBusiness users can intuitively assemble individualized customer correspondence with preapproved content blocks, interactive media elements and prefilled electronic forms. Correspondence is then delivered securely to the customer, allowing them to fill in the appropriate information and submit it back to continue the process, eliminating wasteful paper submissions.

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Solution Accelerators—Correspondence Management

With Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator, business users are guided through the creation of personalized correspondence. Predefined layout rules dictate content flows and what pieces of the content is editable. Business users are prompted when they need to fill in key information in order to complete the correspondence.

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Solution Accelerators—Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator

The Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator helps businesses engage customers through dynamic, two-way communications that embed the power of personalized RIAs in secure PDF formats, including credit card statements, telecommunications bills and electronic invoices. Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator transforms the static monthly statement into a dynamic, two-way channel for customer engagement. The statement is delivered via e-mail or on-demand as a secure, interactive PDF.

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Solution Accelerators—Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator

In addition to managing accounts, customers can click on the built-in services to pay, redeem, query, dispute or chat about their accounts. Customers can sort and categorize their data to help them understand their spending habits.??íConvenient tools such as a payment calculator facilitate management of their account and assist in financial planning. Business benefits include advanced security and archiving of communications, reduced printing and delivery costs, decreased call center calls and costs, and greater support for environmental initiatives.

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Solution Accelerators—Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator

The Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator makes structured reviews efficient, collaborative and auditable inside and outside the organization. It provides a flexible framework that makes it fast and easy for non-technical users to create and manage review and approval workflows, from simple to sophisticated, all without IT involvement.

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Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator Is Easy to Set Up

Using the Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator, it takes less than 15 minutes to set up a sophisticated collaborative process with multiple review and approval stages; identify mandatory participants; and set up deadlines, reminders and archiving to a records management system. Review and approval processes easily extend outside the firewall either through e-mail or hosting managed by Adobe. Commenting is enabled within Adobe LiveCycle Workspace ES 2 with the freely available Adobe Reader. Reviewers can easily mark up documents by leveraging the powerful commenting and annotations capability that comes with PDF.

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Tight Integration with Flash, Reader, Adobe Tools

LiveCycle ES 2.5 helps companies improve customer service and operational efficiency by streamlining human and document-centric processes leveraging the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Platform for the delivery of intuitive RIAs as well as Adobe Reader for rich documents. This allows organizations to provide customers with consistent more personalized experiences across channels and devices that lead to increased loyalty, cost and time savings, and market differentiation.

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