Appcelerator Releases Titanium Studio IDE for Mobile, Desktop and Web Development

Appcelerator delivers its Titanium Studio integrated development environment (IDE) for cross-platform app development on mobile, desktop and web platforms -- including iOS, Android, HTML5 and more.

Appcelerator, a mobile cloud platform for rapidly developing native mobile, HTML5, desktop, web and tablet applications using web technologies, has announced the availability of Appcelerator Titanium Studio for building, testing, and deploying cross-platform applications.

Titanium Studio offers companies of any size the ability to rapidly create rich cloud-connected applications using their existing web teams and is based on technology acquired from Aptana.

Titanium Studio allows web developers to build, test, and deploy iOS, Android, BlackBerry, PC, Mac, Linux, and HTML5 mobile web applications within a single development environment, Appcelerator officials said. Built on Aptana Studio's Eclipse-based IDE, Titanium Studio features a source code editor, code completion, Git integration and debugging capabilities to rapidly develop applications across these platforms. Titanium Studio integrates with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry SDKs for testing and new Fastdev technology allows a developer to make real-time changes to their code while the app is running in the simulator.

"Our goal is to enable rapid innovation for the cloud-connected enterprise by providing an integrated solution for mobile, desktop, and web development," explained Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator, in a statement. "Titanium Studio delivers on this promise by enhancing developer productivity, improving application quality, and easing integration with the cloud."

Titanium Studio also makes publishing to the iOS, Mac, Android, and BlackBerry app stores simple by easing the certificate and provisioning pain often associated with these stores. Deployment to Engine Yard and RedHat's upcoming OpenShift platform is planned for this fall.

Meanwhile, developers of HotelTonight, the free iPhone travel app, used Titanium to get to market quickly, and achieve 500,000 downloads in less than five months. "In a category like travel it's important to rapidly innovate, stay ahead of the competition, and create a compelling user experience," said Christopher Bailey, CTO of HotelTonight, in a statement. "Titanium helps me do all that and more."

Titanium Studio is available now as a free 30-day trial as part of Appcelerator's Indie and Professional subscriptions.