Expert: Legacy Java Development Is Dead - Page 2

SpringSource announced the latest version of the Spring Framework, Version 2.5, in November. The goals of Spring 2.5 include strengthening Spring's position as the de facto standard and most capable component model for enterprise Java, Johnson said. The framework is geared toward Java 5 and features support for new platforms, annotations and upgrades for Spring MVC (model view controller). New platforms supported include Java 6, with Java Development Kit 1.6, Java EE 5 and OSGI, Johnson said.

"We're one of the first major frameworks with support for Java 6," he said. Spring 2.5 also supports Java Database Connectivity 4.0, Java Management Extensions MXBeans, the Java 6 HTTP server and the JDK ServiceLoader API. The product supports JDK 1.4 and 1.5 as well; JDK 1.3 is not supported.

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In addition, the 2.5 release supports IBM's WebSphere 6, and annotations for dependency injection, Johnson said. Spring 2.5 also eliminates the need for Java developers to use XML for configurations.

Another update for Spring 2.5 is a series of enhancements for Spring MVC, a Web development solution for Spring programmers. "Java 5 gives Spring MVC a new lease on life," Johnson said. "It could be the fastest-growing Web framework at this point."

SpringSource is also working on converging its Web solutions, Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow, he said. Spring Web Flow is a next-generation Web application controller framework that allows developers to model user actions as high-level modules called flows that can run in most any environment, SpringSource officials said.