Getting Inside Tivoli - Page 2

LeBlanc: "The other part thats important is identity management – how to manage access to resources, passwords and so on. We acquired Access 360 to do identity provisioning. Today we may use five applications, three IDs and multiple passwords. If you have a rule that says as a reporter, I know all the things you need to do your job, so I can give you one password to access what you need. Access 360 gives you the ability to provision these IDs so you dont have to move all these ID files around. The third acquisition we did is TrelliSoft storage resource management. It automates storage performance (management). If you know a storage device is getting 80 percent of the requests, you may want to move data to optimize I/O paths. Or you can scan storage systems every night, see that users are storing MP3 files that take up a lot of space, delete those files and automatically send an email to the employee (responsible) warning them not to do that."

eWEEK: Some of your competitors—notably CA at their CA World users conference last week—say that IBMs On Demand Strategy is all futures and has no shipping products today. Is that true?

LeBlanc: "Think of (CAs just announced) Sonar as business impact management. Weve had that (Tivoli Business Systems Manager) product in the market for two years. (CA) remapped some of their products and declared them On Demand. Our resource monitoring products are brand new technologies. Were not just repositioning our products. Were bringing brand new products to market. Well have new Think Dynamic products in the near future. When we announced the acquisition, we said within a quarter or two well come out with new products and a roadmap. We dont want to sell vision. We want customer validation."

eWEEK: So what Tivoli software is available today that supports the strategy?

LeBlanc: "Tivoli Monitoring 5.1 has an automation engine and its in the field. Our event console and NetView carry event correlation capabilities. Tivoli Business Systems Manager maps IT resources to the business process. Thats out today. Tivoli Storage Resource Manager manages storage resources and automates backup and recovery. Identity Manager and Access Manager for ID provisioning are out. We have a broad base of capability to do elemental provisioning. Think Dynamics, with the ability to control how resources relate to each other, is coming out soon. Customers can implement at a rate that makes sense for their business.

eWEEK: Is Think Dynamics software being integrated with other Tivoli software?