Gorilla Logic Says FlexMonkey Emerging as Standard for Adobe Flex Development

Enterprise application development services and consulting company Gorilla Logic announces that FlexMonkey, its open-source, automated testing tool for Adobe Flex applications, has gained more than 2,000 unique registered users in less than two months.

Gorilla Logic, an enterprise application development services and consulting company, announced Sept. 14 that its "open-source, automated testing tool for Adobe Flex applications, FlexMonkey, has surpassed the 2,000 unique registered users mark in less than two months."

Gorilla Logic officials said the FlexMonkey Adobe Flex application testing tool is quickly becoming a "de facto standard."

"We are impressed with the market response to FlexMonkey," Stu Stern, CEO of Gorilla Logic, said in a statement. "We have been using FlexMonkey on projects for some time and have experienced the benefits ourselves-the ease-of-use, extensibility and reliability. When we released FlexMonkey we believed others would discover the same thing, but the response has been overwhelming."

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According to the statement, "FlexMonkey is an open-source testing tool for optimizing automated and unit testing of Adobe Flex RIAs [Rich Internet Applications] ... Designed to be the equivalent of a production-quality testing tool tailored for use in continuous integration environments as well as quality assurance departments, FlexMonkey drastically reduces the costs associated with development testing while at the same time ensuring application quality."

Gorilla Logic launched a new version of FlexMonkey on Aug. 17, including the new MonkeyLink technology. "Designed to address problems with dynamically loading target applications through the FlexMonkey Console or the MonkeyAgent, MonkeyLink allows users to compile a few lines of code into their application .SWF, and then launch the application directly using MonkeyLink. As a result users can test virtually any Adobe Flex or Air application," the company said in its statement.

"The fact that Fortune 500 companies are downloading and using FlexMonkey is not surprising considering the obvious ROI from such a robust, reliable tool," Chad Sanderson, vice president of sales and marketing at Gorilla Logic, said in the statement. "What has been surprising is the number of other consulting firms that have downloaded FlexMonkey and began promoting the tool, at times in place of their own solutions. The result has been an increase in our services projects centered around FlexMonkey implementation, customization, training and our Adobe Flex practice in general."