Merge Uses IBM Rational Tools to Build Medical Imaging Software - Page 2

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Key to creating Cedara WebAccess-development started in early 2008-was Merge's use of IBM Rational's Telelogic Synergy and Change management tools. Merge has been a Telelogic customer since before IBM's $745 million purchase of the company in April, Bascom said.

"The Telelogic suite of tools allowed us to develop [the software] and let us track the changes accordingly," he said.

The Synergy and Change tools let Merge developers simplify the process of managing changes throughout the life of the application. They were able to collaboratively manage, automate and visualize the development and delivery of the Cedara WebAccess software.

Syed Raza, product marketing manager for IBM Rational Telelogic, said Merge was like most customers in that it used Telelogic Synergy and Change together. About 80 percent of customers use the two products in combination, and many use them with the Telelogic Doors requirements management platform.

Telelogic Synergy offers software configuration management capabilities for such artifacts as source code, documentation and images related to software development. The task-based product lets users keep track of all changes made to a code base.

Telelogic Change is a Web-based change management product used for request tracking and reporting, enabling customers to automate and manage changes to such aspects as software applications, product requirements and business goals.

"The task-based nature of the [Synergy] product is what was attractive to us," Bascom said.

The product made it easy for developers to see whether a change to the software had been made, and whether that change broke anything that needed to be fixed, he said.