Microsoft and the Cloud: 5 Ways the Company Helps App Developers

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Microsoft and the Cloud: 5 Ways the Company Helps App Developers

by Darryl K. Taft

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Support for Multiple Platforms

Microsofts cloud-development environment allows developers to use their existing skills in languages such as .NET, PHP and Java to test, build and deploy new cloud-based applications or extend their existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud.

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BizSpark Offer

The BizSpark program is designed to help accelerate the success of entrepreneurs and early-stage startups globally. More than 35,000 startups are currently enrolled.

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MSDN Offer

The MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) Premium and Ultimate Subscription benefit provides developers with an equivalent of one virtual server that they can use to evaluate their application-resource requirements.

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New Introductory Special

The promotional offer includes 750 hours of extra-small instances and 25 hours of small instances of the Windows Azure service provided each month at no charge.

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Windows Azure Marketplace

Microsoft is offering an online marketplace for developers to share, find, buy and sell building-block components, training, service templates and premium data sets. In addition, they can find finished services and applications needed to build Windows Azure platform applications.

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