Qt Gets Prettied Up - Page 2

Meanwhile, one of the bigger pieces of news at the Symbian Smartphone Show was Nokia's announcement that the S60 platform will now support Qt development.

At the show, Qt Software announced the porting of Qt to S60 on Symbian OS, which Symbian claims is the world's leading open smart phone platform. Qt is a C++ application development framework, which makes it easy for developers to create applications once and then deploy them on any of the Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and embedded Linux platforms. With the inclusion of the S60 platform, developers have an additional 80 million target devices that they can support with their Qt-based applications, Nokia officials said.

"Qt brings an elegant and intuitive C++ development tool to the S60 platform, improving the ability to develop richer user experiences on the platform and making S60 on Symbian OS even more attractive for developers to target with their applications and services," said Sebastian Nystrom, vice president of Qt Software at Nokia.

An early technical preview of Qt for S60 is available for download from Qt Software's Web site. Qt on S60 will work with S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and later releases. The first production release of Qt for S60 will be available in the second quarter of 2009, the company said.

"We're expanding the size of the field of devices that can run Qt," Schillings said. "In this case, we are integrated with Carbide, the de facto IDE on S60. But keep in mind, the goal is not to go and replace the C++ model; this is a complement. One of the advantages of Qt is the quality of the UI [user interface]. Qt is an excellent tool for application and UI development. People always think if Qt as the furry UI of the KDE desktop, but we also do mobile."