Sun Earns $4 Million in Q3

However, the $2.79 billon Sun generated was a 10.2 percent drop from the same quarter last year.

Sun Microsystems Inc. generated $2.79 billion for the third quarter, a 10.2 percent drop from the more than $3.1 billion it garnered in the same period last year.

However, the Santa Clara, Calif., company on Wednesday announced that it earned $4 million for the quarter ending March 30, compared with a $37 million loss in 2002.

Scott McNealy, Suns chairman, president and CEO, touted Suns Network Computing strategy as a key reason for the earnings. Like IBMs on-demand and Hewlett-Packard Co.s adaptive infrastructure initiatives, Suns strategy is designed to reduce complexity and increase manageability in the data center by enabling administrators to view data center resources as a virtual single pool.

"CIOs are increasingly managing their diverse IT portfolio as a single enterprise architecture rather than a haphazard collection of distributed technologies," McNealy said in a prepared statement.

As part of a new plan around quarterly rollouts, Sun in February, and then again earlier this month, launched a collection of hardware, software and services products and upgrades designed to play into the network computing strategy. The new products include blade servers and management software, as well as upgraded UltraSparc processors and storage devices.

"These moves equip our customers to build and manage heterogeneous Network Computers so they can secure, simplify and reduce the costs of the infrastructure on which the business must run," McNealy said.

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