Tangosol, Interface21 Team to Grid-enable Spring Apps

Tangosol teams up with Interface21 to deliver Coherence Data Grid for Spring, which brings enterprise-grade data availability to the open-source Spring framework.

Interface21 Ltd., the provider of the open-source Spring application framework, and Tangosol, maker of data grid infrastructure software, have teamed up to deliver Coherence Data Grid for Spring, which brings enterprise-class data availability to the Spring framework.

Tangosol, based in Somerville, Mass., produces the Coherence data grid solution to enable enterprises to predictably scale applications.

Now, joining forces with London-based Interface21 on Coherence Data Grid for Spring, the duo are enabling Spring applications to tap directly into the power and scalability of the data grid, said Cameron Purdy, president of Tangosol.

The companies announced the partnership on Dec. 4 and will preview the integrated technology at the Spring Experience Conference, Dec. 7 in Hollywood, Fla., where Brian Oliver, Data Grid Solutions Architect at Tangosol, will speak on Data Grid enabling Spring for the enterprise.

Coherence Data Grid for Spring will be generally available in the first quarter of 2007, the companies said.

"Spring Framework is an open-source Java application framework that is gaining rapid popularity among Java developers," said Michael Goulde, an analyst with Forrester, based in Cambridge, Mass.

"Spring Frameworks high degree of automation, simplification of development, and simplified testing make it a good choice for Java developers looking to simplify and accelerate their development process when building enterprise applications."

With Coherence Data Grid for Spring enabling Spring applications to tap into the data grid environment, the Spring applications may then transparently publish messages and share state in a recoverable, scalable manner in high performance environments.

This means that Spring application events are no longer constrained to the scope of a single JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and can work together, scaling out data and processing capacity across a data grid, Purdy said.

Moreover, Coherence Data Grid for Spring will feature a new type of Spring "Bean," the Spring Data Grid Bean, the companies said.

The integration of Coherence enables Spring Beans to break free of single-server environments and be scalable across a data grid. Coherence integration also enables Data Grid Beans to appear and behave as if they are traditional Spring Beans, and thus they may be may be queried, indexed, aggregated and updated in parallel across a data grid, the companies said.

/zimages/1/28571.gifTangosol extends data grid solution. Click here to read more.

As Data Grid capacity increases, so too does the capacity of each Spring application. In addition, Spring applications may fail and recover without loss of data, and without intervention from developers, and will be accessible as first-class objects on platforms other than Java, company officials said.

"The modular, flexible characteristics of Spring combined with the proven performance, reliability, and scalability of Tangosols Coherence Data Grid will permit stand-alone Spring applications to share and scale out data processing," said Rod Johnson, founder of the Spring Framework and chief executive of Interface21, in a statement.

Johnson said seven out of 10 investment banks are using Spring.

"Clustering through Coherence Data Grid for Spring will provide the added benefits of clustered reliability and linear scalability, which are so critical to their operations and growth," he said.

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