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Visual Studio .Net Enterprise Architect Beta 2

Visual Studio .Net provides a top-notch code design, editing and assembly development environment for Wen and Windows applications. New code policy features make this version of the development platform particularly well suited to organizations with established coding style and design policies. For sheer productivity, Visual Studio .Net sets the pace.

SHORT-TERM BUSINESS IMPACT // Numerous thoughtful editing features such as dynamic help, excellent code completion and a built-in task list boost coding productivity, but .Net platform changes will impose retraining and code conversion costs.

LONG-TERM BUSINESS IMPACT // This version of Visual Studio helps smooth the potentially rocky transition path for MIcrosoft development shops to the new .Net run-time environment and C# language. Its focus on creating standards-based Web services will lower integration and business-to-business application development costs.

Beautifully designed, multilanguage application creation and editing environment; includes full forward and reverse database and UML modeling; SOAP-based Web services are first-class citizens will native Windows objects; strong in HTML and native Windows application design; good first cut at support for PDAs and cell phone development code policy rules help standardize coding practices.

Lacks support for Java; mandatory language changes in Visual Basic and ASPs will require code revision of current applications.

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