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CA Team Victorious

'New' CA emerges from proxy battle with outside monitors and more

Battle Won, CA Looks Ahead

With a takeover bid squelched, Computer Associates International is ready to get on with plans to push into new markets and treat existing customers better.

Tape Drive Makers Exabyte, Ecrix Unite

With the various makers of DAT technology exiting the market, users of digital audiotape drives will soon have to find storage alternatives.

Homeward Bound

Bharath Dorairaja doesn't especially like New Jersey

Virtual India At Your Service

India imports entrepreneurial service, exports e-services

Rebranding the Box

Sun Cobalt asked to unbundle

Speedy 802.11a Gains Momentum

WLAN protocol successor 802.11a is making headway as manufacturers take advantage of reduced component prices and growing user interest to prepare products for the speedier specification

E-Markets on Road to Development

Some exchanges look to providing software

Irish Spin-Off Comes Home

A 4-year-old Irish spin-off of Sterling Software is moving back to the U.S. with a set of services and e-commerce software products targeted at financial institutions and telecommunications carriers

ERP Vendors Rev Fast-Rollout Efforts

Enterprise software vendors are rolling out programs that promise a rapid return on investment for their respective supply chain software, but the jury is still out on the effectiveness of such programs

Consolidate Already!

Even though I'm a big fan of competition, I'm anxious for consolidation to happen among developers of wireless-enabling products for the enterprise

Fast Facts Section B: August 27, 2001

| and Circuit City Stores are gearing up for the holiday shopping season with a partnership that will put the electronic retailer's products on Amazon's Web site

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