2nd Annual eXcellence Awards Winners & Finalists - Page 10

Infrastructure: Server Hardware



eServer p690


Fujitsu Tech. Solutions Inc.

PrimePower 2000

Sun Microsystems Inc.

Sun Fire 15K

IBMs eServer p690.

A fairly wide range of products comprised the Server Hardware category, from high-end Unix server systems and ultradense server blade systems to slim, rack-mount, two-way Intel Corp.-based servers, server appliances and software products.

After scrutinizing all the entries, the judges in this category named three high-end Unix servers as top picks.

Highly scalable with powerful symmetric multiprocessing processors, multiple operating system partitions, large memory pools, high-bandwidth I/O buses and mainframe-class reliability features, these high-end servers are the powerhouses in enterprise infrastructures, running top-level mission-critical applications.

Making it to the finalist round was the Fujitsu PrimePower 2000 server, which supports as many as 128 Fujitsu SPARC64-GP processors, the highest number of any server in this categorys lineup. However, the PrimePower 2000 lacked flexibility in operating system choice compared with IBMs p690—running only Solaris—even though it can support multiple operating system partitions.

Suns Sun Fire 15K secured the other finalist position. eXcellence Awards judges were impressed with its Sun Fireplane interconnect architecture, which offers blazing speed. The Sun Fire 15K also supports the most memory—576GB—but, like the PrimePower 2000 it runs only on Solaris and falls on the expensive side.

The judges picked IBMs eServer p690 as the winner in this category because of its reasonable price for the performance it offers (the server provides comparable performance using fewer processors); its flexibility in terms of partitioning (down to a single processor) and breadth of operating system choices (including AIX and Linux); its intelligent caching technology; and its relatively low power consumption. Francis Chu