7 Things Needed for an Enterprise Social Network - Page 3

6. Interact with Legacy Software
Plus, in order to provide the best possible utility and collaboration potential, any enterprise social network will need to integrate with a business's previously existing software.

"Web 2.0 tools enter a crowded space full of legacy software and processes that are difficult to displace and with which Web 2.0 software must integrate to be fully effective," G. Oliver Young, an analyst with Forrester, wrote in an April 2008 report on the enterprise and Web 2.0.

"Integration with lightweight applications like e-mail and Excel," he added, "as well as heavier applications like Web content management suites, campaign management software, portal software and customer relationship management systems, must all be addressed over time."

7. Video and Multimedia

The enterprise communicates both internally and externally though means that range from video to podcasts to PowerPoint. General social networks have been ramping up their ability to archive and transmit user photos and video, and enterprise versions will doubtlessly need to do the same.

The inclusion of a video module is something already done by a few enterprise social-networking solutions, including Jive Software. If an executive wishes to post a video clip viewable to everyone in the company, for example, such a module may present a more effective or secure solution than posting it up for the world to see on YouTube.