Application Management ROI: How to Show Real Results to the Business - Page 4

Increased productivity

This is an indirect benefit that can be derived from an application management tool that simplifies the identification of current and potential problems, reduces the number of critical issues and streamlines the process of fixing issues that do arise. IT productivity also will increase with deployment of a solution that allows for the consolidation of multiple monitoring tools down one or two. With fewer tools to manage, database administrators can be redirected to other projects.

Delivering ROI with a fast payback is critical for businesses today. The right application performance management solutions can provide significant, measurable value to the organization, with especially quick payback coming from mitigating the risk of application downtime and reducing the frequency of application incidents and MTTR. Further savings and improvements in productivity can be realized by leveraging application management solutions that automate daily monitoring and problem resolution tasks.

Carl Eberling is Vice President and General Manager of the Virtualization and Monitoring Business Unit at Quest Software. Carl is an IT industry veteran. Most recently, he was senior vice president of IT at Kaiser Permanente. Prior to that, Carl held senior-level IT management positions at Verizon Wireless, Pacific Bell, Cellular One and AirTouch Communications. Carl holds a Bachelor's degree from San Francisco State University and completed his graduate studies at University of California, Berkeley, and Golden Gate University. He also served in the United States Marine Corps. He can be reached at