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Executive Editor Matthew Rothenberg cuts the ribbon on new features for reader interaction.

Running a thriving Web site is a little like painting the Golden Gate Bridge: As soon as youve applied a fresh coat to the whole span, its time to start again at the other end.

In the wake of eWEEK.coms major overhaul in early September, weve been stirring up a new bucket of features and enhancements to deliver industrial-strength enterprise IT news, reviews and opinion first and best—and to give our readers a bigger say about the content and presentation.

Weve added to our roster of contributors and in-house journalists to keep the content coming 24/7, and weve enhanced the navigation and depth of coverage of key subjects via Topic Centers and special reports. Now, weve introduced a couple of new features that I believe will help span the gap between writers and readers of

New Blogs on Messaging and Security
For starters, weve added Weblogs as a new channel for our columnists to catch the latest Web buzz and connect with their readers via the technologys built-in feedback mechanism.

Appropriately enough, Messaging and Collaboration Editor Steve Gillmor got the blog rolling a few weeks back; now, Security Editor Larry Seltzer has taken the plunge with a blog of his own. Mix it up with these two experts in their fields, and stay tuned for more blogs from your favorite pundits!

Welcome, David Coursey!
Our blogging platform is also a bully pulpit for a major new addition to the team: My old ZDNet colleague David Coursey has traded his well-worn spot at AnchorDesk for a fresh, new blog (and column) on David isnt often at a loss for opinions, and hes looking forward to engaging with our readers on hot topics across the tech spectrum.



Finally, Im delighted to direct your attention to the bottom of our articles, where readers can now sound off about the content via a freshly minted TalkBack feature. (Besides, this new capability has been added to our sister sites Microsoft Watch and Channel Zone.) Posting discussions right on the page can turn the traditional one-way communication from writer to reader into a real conversation, and Im hoping youll add your views to the mix.

Now its your turn: What do you think of blogs and reader TalkBack? Are we jumping on a creaky bandwagon or adding lasting value to

Sound off in the space below! Ill be standing by.

Matthew Rothenberg is executive editor of Ziff Davis Internets enterprise sites. Wrangling with readers is one of his favorite exercises.