CA Maps Traffic to Processes

Company rolls out 4 'sonar' offerings.

Computer associates International Inc. last week unveiled its new on-demand computing technology, code-named Sonar, which allows IT administrators to monitor and manage IT infrastructure in the context of business processes.

Sonar can automatically discover and map IT assets, define the relationship between assets and business processes, and automate reprovisioning of resources when business process applications requirements threaten to exceed existing limits, said officials of the Islandia, N.Y., company here at last weeks CA World show.

Four offerings introduced last week implement some Sonar components. They include Unicenter NSM Option for VMware Software, Unicenter NSM Dynamic Reconfiguration Option 3.0, eTrust Vulnerability Manager and BrightStor Process Automation Manager.

Unicenter NSM Option for VMware can monitor virtual machines created using VMware Inc.s virtualization software for Linux and Windows and determines when resources are needed to meet service levels.

Unicenter NSM Dynamic Reconfiguration Option 3.0 can reprovision VMware virtual machines.

eTrust Vulnerability Manager—addressing the time-consuming process of determining which patches are required and where—can identify security exposure and take immediate action to eliminate vulnerabilities.

BrightStor Process Automation Manager automates storage management and provisioning across multiple platforms.

The underlying Sonar technology, parts of which were acquired from the Silent Runner subsidiary of Raytheon Co., can monitor network traffic across all seven layers of the protocol stack. "It determines whats going on in the network and then applies analytics to map traffic to business processes," said chief technology officer for CA, Yogesh Gupta, in a speech.

"With Sonar, we envision being able to develop business process views in a more efficient manner," said George Fiedorowicz, vice president of technology operations at Concord EFS Inc.s Concord Corporate Services Inc. services arm, in Wilmington, Del.