Compuwares Changepoint Gives IT the Big Picture

The latest update of the management software allows IT execs to track application performance and assess demands on the organization.

Compuware on Monday will launch Changepoint 10, the next major release of its IT governance and management software, 13 months after completing its acquisition of the business process automation provider.

Changepoint 10, which manages people and processes across the entire IT organization, has evolved to allow different point products in the Compuware Corp. portfolio to share information, allowing IT to better manage projects and application portfolios and bring operations into the planning cycle.

Changepoint 10 gives visibility across applications, infrastructure and project portfolios, to help IT align resources and investment decisions with business priorities.

"As we look at the IT business, including the project and application portfolio and the planning cycle, its critical information from other Compuware product lines that makes us more effective," said Lori Ellsworth, director of product management for Changepoint Corp. in Toronto.

Among the new integrations in Changepoint 10 is the ability to gather business metrics from CARS (the Compuware Application Reliability Solution) so that IT executives can look at performance against project schedules and budgets to assess the health of the IT application and project portfolios.

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Changepoint 10 also integrates with Compuwares Vantage suite of application performance-monitoring software to track applications, requests logged against applications and client satisfaction with those applications.

"Now were integrating business metrics around performance and availability from Vantage for a broader view of the application," Ellsworth said.

From a business process perspective, Changepoint 10 was also enhanced to better support large-scale projects involving groups. The new release allows the project to be defined in the system with the engagement of multiple people, who are given control over their pieces of the project. It also provides for project staffing using a centralized resource model.

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In addition to such depth in specific projects, the new release also broadens demand management across both projects as well as non-project work.

"We allow IT to collect and assess all demands on the IT organization—from $2 million requests to reconfiguring a printer. [Changepoint] automates collecting, assessing and managing demand," said Ellsworth.

Changepoint 10 is available now.

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