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"You might have one container that includes a load balancer, one container with a Web application and another container that includes a database, and you want to treat them all as one logical application," Golub explained. "Docker Compose is how you enable that and express the dependencies between the associated containers."

Docker Hub Enterprise

In addition to the open-source efforts, Docker Inc. is now launching its Docker Hub Enterprise (DHE) commercial product, which provides an on-premises version of the online Docker Hub service. Docker Hub, which was launched alongside the Docker 1.0 release back in June, provides development life cycle services and private container repository capabilities. Golub had indicated to eWEEK back in September, when Docker raised $40 million in a Series C round of funding, that an enterprise Docker Hub product was in development.

DHE will benefit from Docker Inc. partners Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, which will be bringing the product to market as well. DHE will be available via the Microsoft Azure marketplace and on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a CloudFormations template, according to Golub.

Golub said IBM will sell DHE for delivery on-premises, and there has been integration with IBM's DevOps services including Bluemix. He added that IBM will also be reselling Docker support as part of the partnership.

The DHE product is set to be very closely aligned with the online Docker Hub version in terms of new release timing. The online Docker Hub also has a significant free component where users can access public repositories of container applications, he said. There are now more than 65,000 Dockerized apps available in the online Docker Hub.

A key theme that has emerged in recent months is that enterprises are now using Docker, according to Golub. This week, the Docker community is assembled at the DockerCon conference in Amsterdam to talk about all things Docker. Golub said that at the last DockerCon, it was Web companies that were talking about Docker.

"Now we're starting to see banks and other more conservative enterprises starting to use Docker," Golub said.

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Sean Michael Kerner

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