eWeek Newsbreak, October 27, 2008

Silicon Valley's mystery meeting of CEOs is finally being revealed. DLA Piper law firm recently held a Global Technology Leaders Summit, which drew a crowd of IT CEOs and CFOs together to discuss the global financial crisis. McAfee is taking another crack at network access control, as it recently announced a new NAC software module and plans for an NAC appliance. Although you may know Amazon.com for its online stores, the company is saying that its future lies in the web services subscription and storage business. During the last three years, Amazon has come out with its S3 (Simple Storage Service) online storage and the EC2 online platform for software developers. When it comes to accessing the Internet these days, more users are turning to their smart phones and other mobile devices rather than traditional PCs. This information comes as a new IBM-sponsored survey was released Oct. 23. The Washington Nationals may have been the MLB's last place team this season, but the franchise is placing first off the field, as they are the first to install WiFi in their ballpark.

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