For Many, RFID ROI Still A Dream

Most groups are a ways off from earning a return on investment from RFID technology because of difficulties in tying together receiving, production, quality assurance, shipping and RFID.

The Wal-Mart RFID mandate forced some suppliers to jump into using RFID despite having no budget for the technology and little time. That caused suppliers to apply RFID tags late in the process – often on the shipping dock – a method known as "slap-and-ship."

"This is not just about putting RFID-enabled labels on a box," said said Steve Brown, executive vice president of marketing for Acsix, a provider of RFID programs. "Its about enterprise-wide data collection. If you keep this at a late-stage label application process, if you keep it in the warehouse, its going to be awfully tough to generate ROI,” Brown said.

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