Goodbye Eudora, Hello Thunderbird

Popular e-mail client Eudora is being retired, but Qualcomm is partnering with Mozilla to create a customized client called "Penelope" for its customers. (

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Eudora, once one of the most popular e-mail clients, is finally being retired.

Instead of simply abandoning Eudoras customers, however, Qualcomm is partnering with Mozilla Corp. to create "Penelope," a customized version of Mozillas Thunderbird e-mail client that will be optimized for Eudora customers.

Penelope is being developed by half a dozen of Eudoras most experienced programmers.

Their goal is to create a Eudora-user friendly version of Thunderbird that will import their stored mail and contact lists, and all of their Eudora settings.

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Specifically, by Version 1.0, the following Eudora features will be ported to the new open-source e-mail client:

  • Importers for mail and contacts
  • Remapping of accelerator keys
  • Basic settings and personalities
  • Filter importing
  • Major UI elements
  • Unique Eudora message handling operations
  • Stationery
  • Importer for all settings
  • Minor UI elements

The road map is still subject to change, depending on what Eudora users want from the new e-mail program, according to Qualcomm.

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