How to Deliver High-Performing, Business-Critical Web Applications - Page 3

Habit No. 5: Conduct rapid triage and root-cause analysis

Performance issues can be challenging and time-consuming to identify and resolve in large, complex, distributed IT environments. Multiple infrastructure tiers, interconnected and distributed components, legacy back-end components, SOAs and virtualized environments further amplify this challenge. Why is this so problematic for IT organizations?

Because there are simply more places for a business transaction to fail, making it even more difficult to isolate the problem. Accordingly, when an issue arises, there is often finger pointing among the different IT operations teams because they typically use specialty tools that are uniquely designed to identify problems within their specific areas of expertise (such as networks, servers and databases).

However, by monitoring business transactions as they traverse the end-to-end infrastructure, you can gain the insight to quickly isolate the problem within the appropriate tier, identify the root cause and engage only the relevant IT operations team to solve the problem (thus reducing MTTR while optimizing critical IT resources).
Habit No. 6: Report results and assess maturity for continuous improvement

Proactive APM is a journey of continuous improvement and consistent methodologies. To make progress in this area, automated reports give you the insight you need to understand SLA compliance, performance trends and capacity planning. Additionally, historical reports and automatic baselines help identify endemic problems to improve business process maturity and keep your applications performing at the highest levels. In addition, the ability to understand changes within the application environment adds needed insight to many issues.


Prabhjot Singh is Vice President of Marketing for CA, Inc.'s Application Performance Management business unit, CA Wily Technology. Prabhjot is an eight-year veteran of CA Wily Technology, and is responsible for all marketing functions. Prior to this role, Prabhjot held several sales and marketing management roles during his tenure at CA Wily Technology.

Before joining CA Wily Technology, Prabhjot held management positions at Citigroup's Global Technology division, where he had responsibility for monitoring technologies for Citigroup's application and network infrastructure. Prabhjot earned a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from Boston University. He can be reached at [email protected].