IBM Takes Analytics to the Public Sector

IBM creates the IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Services for Public Sector practice to focus on solutions for public-sector clients.

IBM has announced an expansion of its Business Analytics and Optimization practice to focus on solutions for public-sector clients.

IBM initially announced the launch of its Business Analytics and Optimization practice in April, but on Aug. 11 the systems giant "announced the creation of a new practice focused on delivering advanced analytic solutions to public sector clients. IBM will expand its work with federal, state and local government organizations, as well as in fast-growing markets such as health care and education," the company said in a news release. According to the release:

"The new IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Services for Public Sector team will include experts with deep knowledge in areas such as healthcare, transportation, social services, public safety, regulatory systems, customs and border management, defense, logistics, cyber-security and education. These professionals will also collaborate with IBM researchers and tap into mathematics and information management capabilities across IBM."

Moreover, IBM said:

"Stimulus and economic recovery investments around the world are accelerating the development and deployment of smarter systems such as intelligent utility grids, electronic medical records, improved transportation systems and food traceability. These smarter systems require advanced analytics to turn data into predictive intelligence, which enable these new digital infrastructures to improve the speed and quality of decision making."

"The ability to use more sophisticated approaches in analyzing information, extracting insights and optimizing that information can help public-sector organizations make more informed decisions, better manage their resources and achieve greater accountability," Charles Prow, managing partner of Global Business Services for IBM Public Sector, said in the statement. "IBM sees an enormous opportunity to help our clients improve program delivery by gaining access to real-time information that will aid decision making and ultimately improve their efforts to serve citizens."

For example, "In the area of claim and benefit management, the company has worked with the U.S. Social Security Administration ... and MedVirginia to develop a first-of-a-kind electronic records exchange system to shave the amount of time [needed] to process requests for medical records associated with disability claims from months to minutes. In addition, IBM worked with SSA to build a predictive model using text analytics to reduce the total time needed to review applications for disability from months to weeks," the company release said. According to the release:

"To deliver these services IBM is collaborating with clients via a new network of Analytics Solutions Centers around the world. Centers in Berlin, Beijing and Tokyo have opened, and additional locations will be launched in London, New York City and Washington, D.C., later this year."