Introducing Adobe's CQ5

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Introducing Adobe's CQ5

CQ5 from Adobe includes new modules for mobile and marketing campaign management as well as new integration with Adobe Online Marketing Suite, allowing businesses to deliver more targeted content to identified segments and transform a website from a general communications platform into a focused vehicle for lead generation and revenue acceleration.

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Adobes CQ5 WCM (Web Content Management) provides marketers and IT online with marketing agility to attract new audiences, deliver targeted content and optimize multi-channel outreach for increased click-throughs, conversions and revenue.

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A new module, CQ5 MCM (Marketing Campaign Management) is a unified marketing automation system that allows marketers to plan and roll out multi-channel marketing campaigns by orchestrating campaigns across Web, mobile, mobile apps, social communities, social media and more.??í By ensuring brand consistency and campaign effectiveness, CQ5 MCM is designed to increase sales via better conversion rates and brand loyalty.

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Increased Conversion Rates

MCM is a marketing automation system that provides rich capabilities to segment visitors, target content for specific user profiles, and manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including mobile.

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CQ5 Targeting

A unification of CQ5 and Adobe Online Marketing Suite, CQ5 Targeting empowers organizations to gain real-time marketing agility to drive higher rates of customer acquisition and return on campaign spend.

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CQ5 Mobile

Also a new module, CQ5 Mobile extends the capabilities of CQ5 WCM to let businesses customize and repurpose existing content for optimal display across screens and devices. In addition to Web application development, CQ5 Mobile allows marketers to easily edit content for native applications.??í Businesses can seamlessly integrate mobile into multi-channel marketing efforts, reduce costs, connect with "on-the-go" customers and increase revenue.??í

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Optimizing Content

CQ5 Mobile lets users customize and repurpose existing content for optimal display on traditional mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. This is accomplished through agile and timely content publishing with a user-friendly authoring environment that enables maximum reuse of content and assets, with smart components that manually and automatically adapt as needed.

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CQ5 Social Collaboration

CQ5 Social Collaboration offers online marketers new tools to build media-rich, interactive online communities that increase site repeat visits, build customer brand identification and loyalty, and facilitate greater customer insight for continuous optimization of new campaigns. With a new Forums capability, users can also exchange information within and beyond the organization to employees, vendors, customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

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CQ5 DAM (Digital Asset Management) is designed to offer an asset management solution that integrates with CQ5 WCM. Businesses can promote consistent branding while gaining flexible control of assets from creation to distribution, ensuring they are distributed to relevant users for review in the appropriate format, and that the appropriate user groups are part of a workflow.

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Sharing and Publishing Content

With CQ5 DAM, publishing content becomes a simple task. Content managers can use the tool to access digital assets inside a desktop application using a shared folder in a Windows network, send assets via e-mail, or download a ZIP bundle of assets. Running CQ5 DAM and CQ5 WCM together enables website authors to drag and drop assets into their Web pages.

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