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Advanced Semiconductor actually started considering QuickBooks three or four years ago. But it didnt have all the features and performance that the company needed.

Advanced Semiconductor kept an eye on the product until it reached a level that the company could work with.

The biggest advantage of the new version is its ability to support up to 15 concurrent users, Golob said.

Right now the company has perhaps 12 or 13 users on any given day who need to use the product, and sometimes they had to wait for other users to log off before they could do their work, he said.

"For us these five extra users are key," he said.

Reporting features are another QuickBooks strength. Golob added, "The reporting capabilities are so flexible you can find a way to pull out whatever information that you want and put it in a report."

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For Bubbles Car Wash, a chain of car wash stations in the Houston, Texas area, QuickBooks allowed the company to replace MAS 90, an enterprise accounting package from Sage Software Inc.

The company acquired MAS 90 after it outgrew the Peachtree accounting package it had used for years, said Bill Lawrence, president of the company, which has a 250-employee payroll and plans to open 15 to 20 new stores this year.

However, after spending three months and more than $25,000 trying to implement MAS 90, the company decided that it was too complex and burdensome for its needs, Lawrence said. The company needed a package that could run reliably in a multi-user environment, one that was easy to use and had an uncomplicated set of data entry and report generation routines, he said.

The company also looked at Microsoft Small Business Accounting System as well Microsofts Great Plains and Navision products, "But all of them had the same degree of complexity," Lawrence said.

Bubble Car Wash was able to get QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions installed and running within seven days, he said, adding that QuickBooks "has taken all of our accounting headaches and made them go away." QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions will cost $3,000 for a five-seat license, $4,500 for a 10-seat license and $6,000 for a 15-seat license. These prices include a 12-month service plan with 24-by-7 technical support.

Editors Note: This story was updated to clarify the intended market for the product.

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