IT: Whats Here to Stay—And Whats Not - Page 2

What Wont Go Away

The personal computer. Gateways recent decision to purchase eMachines is telling. The $235 million acquisition further consolidates an already-consolidating business, but it also indicates Gateway Chairman Ted Waitt realizes his company will rise or fall on its ability to deliver on the PC promise and not on the newest, coolest consumer electronics product. The PC was the engine of Gateways growth and is also the companys future. Taking on big-screen television manufacturers from Asia is not a winning long-term strategy.

The Lotus name. At the recent Lotusphere conference in Orlando, I asked Ambuj Goyal, general manager of IBMs Lotus Software division, if the Lotus name will be subsumed in the IBM effort to promote its WebSphere and on-demand offerings. "In my view, the Lotus brand brings value to IBM," Goyal said. The change you are seeing at IBM is the company talking more about solutions to business problems rather than individual technology-based opportunities. Lotus will find its success in continuing to redefine groupware to mean combined productivity throughout a corporation rather than in individual departments.

The New England Patriots. Hey, after a winter in the deep freeze here in Massachusetts, we all needed at least one big reason to keep living on the tundra. The Patriots provided that reason this year, and it looks like they will kep providing it for a few years to come.

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