Quixtar: Cleaning Up - Page 2

Quixtar Base Case

Headquarters: 5101 Spaulding Plaza, Ada, MI 49355

Phone: (616) 787-6000

Business: Online sales of private-label home and health products; the sister company of Amway

Top Web Technologist: Jim Blodgett, manager of the Internet business group

Financials for 2003: $1 billion in sales, up from $901 million in 2002; privately held.

Challenge: To appeal not only to its community of registered "independent business owner" customers but also to everyday shoppers who arent part of the Quixtar network.

Baseline Goals:

  • Refine Web site design and functionality to improve sales from todays rate of roughly $3 million per day.
  • Store 10 days worth of online sales sessions, which is 18,000 sessions or 2 terabytes of data.
  • Roll out Web site troubleshooting software to all 50 customer service agents, up from 30 today.