Salesforce CEO Bullish on the Future - Page 4

So, for now, the focus will be on partnerships for API integration with Intacct [Corp.] or [Microsoft Corp.] Great Plains or Intuit [Inc.]?

That is very much the direction our customers have driven us. We have code to do a lot of this stuff. But when we look at financials, a lot of customers have QuickBooks, they have Intacct, they have SAP or Oracle. They are not interested in those components per se from us. So weve done the relationships with companies like eBridge. So with those companies and others, we have been able to deliver a broad range of tightly integrated solutions with our products. That includes everything from Microsoft-Great Plains, which I think is very important to integrate with, Navision, Peachtree, on and on, really. That really has been more where our focus is.

We have really opened up our product a lot, and we have a huge ecosystem of partners today. If you look at and you click on the Partner tab on the homepage, theres a lot of people whove built sforce technologies, including a tremendous amount of integration with the major accounting systems. Because our product is very democratized, different-size customers need different types of functionality in this area.

ADP does not want a general ledger from us. Cisco does not want an accounts receivable module from us. SunTrust Bank is not interested in our HR technology. These are big companies, but not just the big ones, the medium ones too. And a lot of the small ones are already automated with very good software products that theyve spent a lot of time customizing, like Intuit, which dominates this space. Were very satisfied with the tool offering that we can bring to a customer.

Would be interested in buying a company like Intacct sometime down the road?

[Were] not looking at that company specifically, but Ive thought a lot about financials, and is that important? Ive talked to our customers, and theyve told me fairly consistently that its not. For us, were very focused on delivering the best CRM in the world; delivering strong sales force automation, customer service and support, campaign management; making it as open as possible through sforce; the best integration capabilities; the best customization of that CRM service; customize all the tabs, the fields, etc.; delivered in multiple languages, multiple currencies, and delivering best-of-breed CRM for them, and finally the focus on the sharing model, the discreet aspect of that.

Who are you seeing right now as your biggest competitor?

In the CRM marketplace, Siebel of course has the dominant market share. So youre always going to see Siebel, youre always going to see the enterprise players in the big deals. And then in different markets, youll see different competitors, and in different geographies youll see different competitors also.

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