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Following the lead of companies such as Bank of America, administrators at Principal set up a series of sub-domains exclusively for sending out e-mail solicitations and consolidated management of those domains within the company, he said.

Representatives from e-mail marketing companies and bulk e-mail senders were also in the crowd at the Summit.

Ed Mnich, post master of Premiere Global Services, a bulk e-mail sender in Tinton Falls, N.J., said that he came to find out the latest information about how the messaging space is likely to evolve in coming months.

For attendees like Mnich, e-mail experts said that an increasing focus on establishing online reputations for senders will be part of that evolution.

In a round-table discussion of Emerging Accreditation and Reputation Solutions, Trevor Hughes, executive director of the Email Service Provider Coalition, said that some kind of reputation scoring has to be implemented, in addition to sender authentication, to protect the integrity of e-mail.

"Sender authentication alone is not enough to protect the entire e-mail ecosystem," Hughes said.

Most leading e-mail providers already use some form of reputation scoring, including Microsoft, which said in June that it selected Habeas Inc. of San Jose, Calif., to provide e-mail accreditation services for The Microsoft Network and MSN Hotmail.

Yahoo doesnt subscribe to reputation services like Habeas, but does use uses a variety of measures to score inbound e-mail, according to Miles Libbey, Anti-Spam Product Manager at Yahoo.

/zimages/2/28571.gifRead more here about Yahoo and Cisco joining forces to promote e-mail authentication.

But large e-mail inbox providers and senders need to be careful not to balkanize the e-mail world by forging exclusive relationships with different e-mail reputation providers, thereby requiring receivers to support multiple, competing reputation services, said Hughes.

Ragy Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at Bigfoot Interactive, an e-mail forwarding company, agreed.

The combination of multiple sender authentication schemes, when coupled with multiple e-mail reputation and accreditation services, could spell big trouble for e-mail senders like Bigfoot, he said.

Reputation and sender authentication services need to be used, together, to verify e-mail messages, but more needs to be done to simplify those technologies, he said.

"From the senders standpoint, we would like to see the [messaging] industry come together faster," he said.

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