Sybase Enhances SQL Anywhere Mobile Database

Sybase is touting the enhancements introduced in SQL Anywhere 12, the impending release of Sybase's mobile database application.

Sybase pulled the covers off SQL Anywhere 12 June 29 and revealed what users can expect in the upcoming release of the company's mobile database.

In SQL Anywhere 12, the company has added new "support for storage and synchronization of spatial data," Apple iPhones and a number of self-management features. The support for spatial data and large-scale data synchronization is a key part of Sybase's pitch for the product. The spatial capabilities "enable tracking, location-aware querying, data management and synchronization of spatial data," the company said. In addition, Sybase has included "native import for shape files and built-in functions to export to KML, GML and SVG formats."

Sybase has also added functionality "to allow high-transaction-volume database servers to offload read-only and reporting transactions to a self-managing tree of scale-out servers," as well as "mobility tools to effectively manage, monitor, diagnose and deploy large-scale sync environments on various device platforms."

Among the self-management enhancements are "server thread auto-tuning that automatically adapts to changing workloads, self-healing statistics management and synchronization dynamic cache sizing." The company has also added compatibility with Oracle/MySQL.

"SQL Anywhere 12 is a culmination of research and development that serves existing customers while addressing emerging requirements for embedded database server and mobile applications," Dave Neudoerffer, vice president of engineering at Sybase, said in a statement. "This SQL Anywhere release breaks new ground with innovations for growing data volume, diverse data types and new device platforms to further enhance Sybase's leading mobility platform."

The product is slated to be available in the third quarter.