Tasktop Sync 3.0 Brings Service Desk, DevOps Support

Tasktop Technologies' Sync 3.0 extends the company's application lifecycle management (ALM) into the service desk and DevOps realms.

Tasktop Technologies, a maker of application lifecycle management (ALM) integration technology, has released a major new version of Sync, its Software Lifecycle Integration platform.

Sync 3.0 brings operations further into the collaborative mix and expands Tasktop's DevOps agenda, which has been part of the company's strategy for some time. Indeed, Sync 3.0 supports new levels of collaboration among development, quality assurance (QA), the project management office (PMO), Agile project managers and now operations.

The new Tasktop Sync also expands the company's ALM integration ecosystem with new support for IT service management (ITSM) and help desk tools from ServiceNow and Atlassian Service Desk. In addition, Tasktop Sync 3.0 includes new capabilities for teams using products from Rally and Serena, special capabilities for teams using Clarity PPM and JIRA together, and for very large organizations deploying Tasktop Sync across numerous project teams.

The latest version of Tasktop Sync builds on the April 2013 launch of Sync support of Clarity PPM that extends ALM integration to CA Technologies' portfolio and project management product. The integration of CA Clarity PPM, along with leading service desk tools, helps IT organizations synchronize business priorities—development activities and progress—on the front end and automate end-user feedback loops on the back end. Both integrations are the result of large enterprise IT organization requests, the company said.

"The software lifecycle is only as efficient as its weakest and most manual link," said Mik Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Tasktop. "To date, development and support teams struggled with constant escalation emails, unnecessary meetings, or brittle point-to-point import tools. As is the case with other lifecycle processes that we've helped automate, Tasktop Sync 3.0 changes the game with an enterprise-grade integration bus that now supports all members of software delivery teams, even in the largest of IT organizations."

Upon its initial release, Tasktop Sync provided server-side integration to the ALM tools—work item tracking, requirements management, test management, issue tracking, agile planning—that development and QA teams depend upon to deliver high-quality software. In April, Tasktop expanded this capability to include tools the PMO uses, specifically Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). With the current release, even more of the software development and delivery team is included, extending to the Service Desk and ITSM professionals, and Service Desk software. In this release, both the ServiceNow platform and JIRA Service Desk become part of the Tasktop Sync ecosystem.

"Software development and service desk teams shouldn't work in silos," said Edwin Wong, product manager for Atlassian JIRA Service Desk. "After all, the software development process doesn't just end with deployment; developers continue to improve software largely thanks to user feedback. Atlassian recently launched JIRA Service Desk in part to connect the service desk and development teams using JIRA, so problems can be identified and resolved faster and with better traceability. This generally improves software and the overall user experience."