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Data Governance Provider Collibra Nets $50M in New VC

New York City-based Collibra brings a "data shopper's" approach to the task of finding and analyzing volumes of data.

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Security Provider Arxan Buys Apperian for Mobile Expertise

Arxan is adding much-needed mobile security management capabilities. Apperian's platform provides granular security and policy controls at the application level.

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Google Offers Some Glass Users a Chance to Invite a Pal

Google Glass, in an "experiment," invited an unknown number of Glass users to invite a friend to also buy and use one of the eyewear-mounted computers.

30 Years Ago: PC Week Chronicles Explosive Growth of IBM-Compatible PCs

eWEEK 30: The precursor of today’s eWEEK, PC Week started covering the evolution of the personal computer industry in February 1984. Now eWEEK will publish a 30-week series of retrospective articles highlighting the technology and trends that shaped the industry.

Diablo Technologies Extends DRAM with Memory Channel

The company claims Memory Channel Storage, a new storage and system memory approach, lowers latency and increases throughput for enterprise applications.

IBM Details Strategy for Software-Defined Environments

IBM is taking the "software-defined N" concept up another level--possibly even above the idea of software-defined data centers--by centering on OpenStack.

Homeland Security Awards Grant for ThreadFix Development

ThreadFix is an open-source tool designed to give security practitioners the ability to understand the security of their applications.

Carbonite Enhanced Server Backup Includes Local, Cloud Storage Hybrid

Enhanced Server Backup includes free Valet Installation, including configuration and testing for an unlimited number of backup sets.

eWEEKChat Aug. 14: Android vs. iOS: Pros, Cons of Two Leading Mobile Systems

On Wednesday, Aug. 14, @eWEEKnews will host its eighth eWEEKchat event. The topic will be "Android vs. iOS: Pros and Cons of the Leading Mobile Systems." Join us!

Closing the Big Data Skills Gap Requires Educational Innovation

NEWS ANALYSIS: Teamwork and communication skills are as important as training in computer science, mathematics and statistics when it comes to big data analytics.

Samsung Focuses Attention on Fast New 1.6TB Flash Drive

Samsung's newest 1.6TB SSD features sequential read speeds of an astonishing 3,000MB per second.

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