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Data Governance Provider Collibra Nets $50M in New VC

New York City-based Collibra brings a "data shopper's" approach to the task of finding and analyzing volumes of data.

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Security Provider Arxan Buys Apperian for Mobile Expertise

Arxan is adding much-needed mobile security management capabilities. Apperian's platform provides granular security and policy controls at the application level.

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More Innovation News

Prosthetics for Kids Underscore 3D Printing's Limitless Potential

MakerBot aided a 3D printing project that resulted in affordable prosthetics—a latest example of the fast-growing market's vast potential.
Data Center Innovation

IBM Innovation Center Opens in Kenya

IBM continues its expansion into Africa with the opening of a new IBM Innovation Center in Kenya.

Big Data Requires Businesses to Embrace Innovation, Change: Gartner

Enterprises should start small with pilots that allow full transparency on the data, the analytics and the resulting insight.

Intel Brings Silvermont to Mobile Competition vs. ARM

Intel officials argue that the performance and power-saving innovations in upcoming Atom SoCs will outpace anything ARM can offer.

Wall-to-Wall Interactive Web: Is It Not Far Away?

Someday, you will walk into a special room in your home, push a button or two, and be transported in 3D virtual reality to a far-off place that looks, sounds and feels real.

Exablox's New On-Site/Cloud Storage Needs No Software Install

Exablox combines the on-site and cloud worlds with an on-premises storage appliance and a cloud-based management system to handle unlimited storage.

eWEEKChat May 8: Defining, Deploying, Defending Software-Defined Networks

On Wednesday, May 8, @eWEEKnews will host its fifth Tweetchat event. The topic will be "Defining, Deploying and Defending Software-Defined Networks." eWEEK is moving into new-media interactive events, and you are invited to participate.

Google Unveils Electronic-Payment Cards for Buses in Kenya

Google is expanding its collection of consumer information in more countries and in more ways, say analysts.

Startup Jeda Extends SDN Concept to Storage Networks

The company will show off its first product, the software-based Fabric Network Controller, at Interop next month.

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