Another Nail in the IT Certification Coffin - Page 5

The Future Value of Certifications

IT certifications come in many flavors and shapes, but Foote says a distinction is made between those that require techies to just take a test, versus those that require a thorough review of candidates before a peer board.

"If you have to qualify to take the test, to be audited somehow, then you cant even get in the door to take the test unless you qualify. The Open Group and Microsoft have both introduced peer review boards on their certifications. If the certification is harder to get, its often worth more," said Foote.

He sees the value and pay of non-certified skills passing that of certifications very soon.

"I see it catching up sometime in the next four quarters. This is a fundamental trend in the certification industry. Vendors are aware of this, and are going to make them harder to get," said Foote.


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