Browser Sync

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Browser Sync

Firefox 4 features an integrated settings and password sync utility that works across separate desktop and smartphone Firefox installs.

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Mobile Sync

I used the new Firefox sync capability to carry my browsing session over to Firefox Mobile on my Android device.

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The browser's Panorama tab management feature is just the ticket for reining in out-of-control tabs.

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Firefox Menu

Firefox 4 sports a menu bar that's condensed to a single "Firefox" button—a significant space-saver.

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Status Bar

The status bar in Firefox 4 is gone, but importantly, URLs still appear in the lower left corner of the interface when hovering over links.

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UI Changes Optional

If Firefox interface changes, such as the switch to tabs on top, don't strike your fancy, it's easy enough to revert them.

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Add-on Manager

The Add-on manager in Firefox 4 gets a makeover, sporting a more App Store-like appearance.

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JavaScript Benchmarking

Firefox 4 blew its previous version out of the water on the V8 JavaScript benchmark.

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