Compuware Launches Gomez Performance Solution, Integration with Google Page Speed

After rebranding its application performance management products, Compuware releases a new APM product that integrates with Google Page Speed.

Compuware announced a new major release of its integrated application performance management solution, the Compuware Gomez platform.

This release, the first of its newly rebranded APM solutions, introduces technology to help customers increase revenues, profitability and brand equity by optimizing mobile and Web application performance across the entire application delivery chain, from data centers, through the cloud, to the edge of the Internet, Compuware said

This is the second consecutive release Compuware has delivered for its entire integrated APM product set. This release includes new functionality in both Compuware's on-premises APM products (formerly called Vantage) and its SAAS (software-as-a-service) APM products, now all operating under the Gomez product brand name.

"Compuware's Spring 2011 product release and expansion of the Gomez brand demonstrate an increased commitment to applications performance management from the end user perspective," according to Tim Grieser, program vice president for system management software at IDC, in a statement. "Compuware is addressing key performance issues for Web and mobile applications users, and is helping IT organizations and service providers to monitor and optimize the end user experience in today's multi-browser and multi-device environments."

New features and capabilities in the Gomez Spring 2011 Platform Release include Gomez Mobile Real-User Monitoring, a new Gomez Mobile Readiness Assessment; Gomez Browser Real-User Monitoring Performance Conversion Analytics to measure the business impact of poor performance on web conversions; integration with Google Page Speed; an Internet health map with Last Mile data; a new high-volume load testing agent; updated products for the data center, and new support for Cisco Unified Compute Server

"Companies today are investing in strategic Web and mobile applications to fuel revenue growth and profitability," said Bruce Reading, senior vice president and general manager of Compuware's APM business unit, in a statement. "Competition is intense, and the need to optimize application performance has never been greater. In this latest release we continue to innovate, unify and integrate our entire APM product line to provide customers with a unique and holistic ability to manage application performance."

Compuware worked with the Google Page Speed team to make it easier for organizations to optimize website performance. The Compuware Gomez platform is now integrated with Page Speed, an open-source project started at Google, to give developers and organizations actionable insight and recommendations on how to speed up web application performance. Compuware officials cite studies that have shown that improving Website performance can lead to increased revenues and reduced operating costs.

Page Speed is an open-source project started at Google to help developers optimize their web pages by applying web performance best practices. Page Speed started as an open-source browser extension, and it is now deployed in third-party products. Page Speed assesses the performance of a web page against a set of rules, providing scores and recommendations for improvement. This allows developers and organizations to optimize their Web pages based on industry best-practices.

"We've found that speed is one of the most important factors for improving the user experience on the Web," said Richard Rabbat, product manager for Page Speed at Google, in a statement. "Page Speed is one of many efforts we've released over the past few years in an effort to empower developers, site owners and Webmasters to help make the Web faster."

The integration with Page Speed enables Gomez users to utilize the Google technology to improve their website performance. As Gomez users run transactions against their web pages, Page Speed analyzes Web page content and generates ranked suggestions to make the pages faster. This allows developers to optimize web pages based on web performance best practices.

"Making the Web faster is a mutual goal Compuware shares with Google," Compuware's Reading said in a statement. "We're excited about the kind of benefits this will deliver to our users."