Cutting Complexity and Improving Business Part 2

The IT organization in any major business today has to grapple with an infrastructure that evolved haphazardly over years. Acquisitions, expansions, and new business ventures created an agglomeration of operating systems, platforms, software packages, and management tools. Reducing this complexity and standardizing the infrastructure and systems in your company can save a tremendous amount of time and money, plus free up IT staff to focus on innovation instead of maintenance. This video features Cambridge Consultants' new healthcare platform called Vena. Vena promises to soon revolutionize the healthcare industry with regard to patient care, streamlining business and providing a single point of reference for medical records. Cambridge Consultants also discuss and demo its new healthcare products that will run on Vena, including a Bluetooth-enabled inhaler, a Bluetooth-enabled scale, and a Bluetooth-enabled data device, among others. Stephen Wellman, SVP of Community and Content for Ziff Davis Enterprise, also discusses how this new platform can help medical offices, hospitals, and private care providers cut complexity, streamline their operations, and above all, improve patient care.