Data Backup, Recovery Services Offer Untapped Value for MSPs

A survey found that the most popular (55.6 percent) core focus area for MSPs was remote monitoring and management services.

Managed service providers may be missing revenue-generating opportunities in the areas of offsite data backup and recovery services, according to an informal survey by Modular Data Protection Services, a provider of cloud data protection for the channel servicing the SMB/SME market.

Modular DPS surveyed resellers of Intel AppUp Small Business Service and discovered that while half the MSPs are currently offering planning services for disaster recovery and business continuity, the majority haven't yet taken steps to offer an off-site backup and recovery solution to support their plans. The survey queried MSPs about a range of business strategies.

The survey found remote monitoring and management services was the most popular (55.6 percent) core focus area for MSPs. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning tied, with remote help desk as the second most popular (44.4 percent) core focus area. Off-site data backup and recovery services placed as the third most popular (42.1 percent).

Off-site data backup and recovery services placed second (42.1 percent), following managed voice over IP (44.4 percent) as the most popular line extension for the MSPs surveyed. While 50 percent of the MSPs offer disaster recovery and business continuity planning services, only 26.3 percent of them also offer off-site data backup and recovery services today. The report found 70 percent of the MSPs surveyed had customers with under 1TB of data and 30 percent of the MSPs surveyed do not currently have a regular performance and planning review process for their customers.

A third of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) allow employees to select their own method of backup for their data at work, essentially passing the buck when it comes to data protection, according to the findings of a recent survey conducted by online backup service provider Mozy. The corresponding report noted that the tendency for small businesses to let employees choose their backup methods was of concern because companies that don€™t provide formal policies rely instead on uncoordinated backup practices that can leave business owners susceptible to significant risks in the event of data loss.

The survey of more than 640 SMBs was conducted by independent research firm Compass Partners to identify employees and executives€™ habits and attitudes about backup and data security, with survey participants including professionals in the financial, real estate, medical, construction and legal industries. The survey found that a significant number of SMBs don€™t implement safe backup strategies€”despite the well-documented risks for the loss of sensitive client and company data.