Edge IP 2.0 Makes IP at the Edge Look Easy - Page 2

Extraneous Extras

Threshold networks threw nearly everything into Edge IP. Managers should use the box to handle straight DHCP and DNS duties because most of the extra bells and whistles are just that. Likewise, many custom parameters in Edge IP should be ignored.

Fortunately, the configuration interface puts the important stuff upfront. During tests, we configured our first DHCP scope by going tab by tab through all the options. The wizard button was more methodical than we were, but we got satisfactory results using either interface after spending just a few minutes at the console.

Edge IP is also a full-featured

DNS server and proved to be tightly integrated with the DHCP side in tests. Its new ability to handle WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) requests worked well. IT managers who have a mix of old segments that use NetBIOS can now use Edge IP not only to resolve the IP address of the host system today but also to make the product part of a migration plan to DNS.

We created a master DNS zone that acted as the authority for other zones in a network. It was a simple task to configure a forward zone to a different DNS server to handle queries that were outside the scope of the names we provided to Edge IP.