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Ranking: #1Google holds a longtime reputation as a fun and innovative company to work for, at least based on the amenities traditionally offered in the Googleplex. Theres also Googles policy of giving engineers time to work on projects that interest them, which sometimes translates into new products for the company.

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Ranking: #2Apples innovative (and chic) product lines evidently attract not only consumers but professionals interested in working for the company. Apples commanding market shares in tablets and smartphones probably dont hurt its reputation as a desirable place for which to work.

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Ranking: started out as the Webs largest bookstore. Then it became the Webs general store, offering products in pretty much all categories. Then it started offering branded cloud services and e-readers. Who wouldnt want to work for a company so determined to make its mark on everything???í

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Ranking #7Even as it struggles to turn around its fortunes in the mobile space, Microsoft remains a behemoth in operating systems and productivity software. Plus, its Kinect hands-free controller and new cloud services suggest that, in many areas, the company is still driving innovation.??í

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Ranking: #17Sony may have fallen behind Apple and other rivals in consumer electronics, but the companys longstanding reputation as a tech powerhouse (and the continued viability of its PlayStation and home-entertainment franchises) evidently draws professionals.

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Ranking #23Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz assumed control of the Web-portal company in 2009, with a mandate to revamp it from the ground up in order to better compete with Google and Microsoft. That could make Yahoo extra-attractive as a place to work for professionals interested in making a mark on a place in transition.??í??í

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Ranking: #30Big Blue, with its wide range of products and services for businesses big and small, still proves an attractive place to work.

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Ranking: #50Intels chips rule the desktop and laptop market, and its brand is one of the few instantly recognizable by most consumers (thanks, in no small part, to its near-constant advertising campaigns).

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Ranking: #57Dell faces substantial competition in the PC market from the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Toshiba, Apple and others. Despite some market share declines over the past several quarters, and its struggle to break into new areas such as smartphones and tablets, the company continues to earn significant revenue (and maintain its brand equity).

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Ranking: #59AT&Ts proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, if approved, would make the carrier the largest in the United States. Whether the deal goes through, though, its full portfolio of Apples iPhone, Windows Phone 7 devices and Google Android smartphones guarantees its substantial presence in the market.??í

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Cisco Systems

Ranking: #69Cisco has a substantial presence not only in communications technology for the corporate market, but also with consumers, courtesy of devices such as the Flip camera.

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Ranking: #77Having undergone a massive corporate shakeup, HP is looking to re-establish itself as the brand to beat for not only PCs but also tablets and smartphones. The company is planning some big moves with its recently acquired webOS operating system. That dynamism could make working there an attractive proposition for professionals.

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