Interop 2006

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Interop 2006

Canon was showing the DT-130, the latest iteration in its line of gigabit-speed wireless networking devices. The DT-130 uses free-space optics to transmit high-speed data.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - Samsung\s OfficeServ 7400

The Samsung OfficeServ 7400 is a scalable, expandable VOIP PBX and switch designed for companies from the very small to the midsized.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - New IP phones from Samsung

Samsung is introducing a new series of wired IP and IP video phones, as well as wireless IP phones.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - Anchiva Gateways

The Anchiva 500 (top) and Anchiva 2000 are new security gateways from the company of the same name. They are designed to protect your network against spyware and viruses.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - StillSecure Has Balls

The booth decorations from StillSecure dont actually have anything to do with the product. We use them to attract attention, a spokesperson told eWEEK. At the end of the show we give them away, she said.

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Interop 2006 - Cool Stuff from APC

American Power Conversions PR Manager Juli Dexter shows off the latest in APCs data center cooling products.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - Fast Wireless

Huber + Suhner was showing its new Fast Ethernet wireless bridge. It operates in the 60GHz band and will cover distances up to 700 meters.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - Cymphonix Controls Data

Aten was showing a series of IP-based KVM products that allow network managers to operate a large number of devices from a single location. The management devices include a keyboard and screen combination that can retract completely into the equipment.

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Interop 2006 - From Russia with Love

Kaspersky Lab staffers (left to right) Darcie Denault, Christine Downs, Shannon McCallion and Randy Drawas visit Interop to call attention to the Moscow-based companys security offerings.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - At Work in the Interop NOC

Staffers at Interops network operations center put in long hours to keep everything running. At least, thats what their shirts claim.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - Xirrus Triple Play

Xirrus was showing its new Triple Play Wi-Fi, a high-capacity, multiradio access point with Gigabit Ethernet connections to the corporate network.Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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Interop 2006 - Let Norm Do It

Its easy to find someone at Uplogix, just ask for Norm. Apparently, because Uplogix makes appliances that fix a variety of network problems, the company just suggests calling Norm to take care of it.

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Interop 2006 - Meet Norm

This is the Norm that actually does all the work. Photo: eWEEK / Wayne Rash

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