Lundquist: Welcome to the New Look

March 31, 2003

Dear eWEEK Reader: eWEEK

The April 7 issue of eWEEK will be unlike any eWEEK youve ever seen. But it wont be unlike any eWEEK youve ever read. On April 7 we are unveiling your favorite publication in a newly designed magazine format that will have more of the content youve come to know and trust. Why did we decide to move to a magazine size? Here are the reasons you gave us during focus groups held across the country over the past months.

  • Convenience. Magazines are more portable, easier to carry and easier to read during your hectic schedules. A magazine is also easier to archive for later reference.
  • Compatibility. The reception among those of you who have asked to receive eWEEK in digital format has been overwhelmingly positive. However, some complained that the digital format and tabloid size were not compatible. The magazine format fixes that issue. (Click here to try digital eWEEK!)
  • Substance. You feel that a magazine format more effectively conveys the valuable content you have come to know and trust for making your IT decisions.

During those focus groups, the one major concern expressed was that the smaller size would mean a reduction in the content you require to make those important IT decisions. Im happy to say that in addition to making up for the smaller page size, we are increasing the amount of content that will be available to you.

The same great content that makes eWEEK a must-read each week will now be found in a modern, convenient package. That content includes:

  • News and analysis. Hard-hitting news that you cant get anywhere else, in addition to insightful analysis, continues to be a major editorial objective for eWEEK. We also include those top-level executive interviews that are simply not available elsewhere.
  • Opinion. Peter Coffee, John Taschek and a strong range of both editorial staffers and outside industry leaders will provide the no-holds-barred commentary you need for your job.
  • eWEEK Labs. Exclusive enterprise-level product reviews, comparative reviews, technical case studies and technology analysis make eWEEK Labs the only enterprise-level labs source you can trust.

You, the eWEEK reader, are a member of the most powerful group in the technology industry. We have always worked to give you the vital information you need to make the best technology product and services decisions for your company or organization.

Best Regards,

/util_get_image/2/0,3363,i=22213,00.gif Eric Lundquist

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