Microsoft WebMatrix Shortens Path to Running Open-Source Web Apps on Windows

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Microsoft WebMatrix Shortens Path to Running Open-Source Web Apps on Windows

by Jason Brooks

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WebMatrix Installer

WebMatrix is built on the foundation of Microsoft's Web Platform Installer.

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Gallery or Roll Your Own

WebMatrix can be used to mint new sites based on open-source Web application projects, or from scratch.

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Web Gallery

The WebMatrix Web Gallery contains a range of MySQL, PHP, .NET and SQL Server-based Web applications.

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Database Installation

Wordpress requires a MySQL database-I could either allow WebMatrix to fetch and install MySQL, or point my new site at a pre-existing database.

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Fetch Dependencies

WebMatrix identified the dependencies required for Wordpress and offered to fetch and install them.

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Slow Mirror

I hit a snag with my MySQL Connector download when WebMatrix insisted on downloading the component from a single, slow mirror—I ended up downloading the component on my own from a faster mirror.

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WebMatrix Site Tab

With my download issues behind me, my copy of Wordpress was soon up and running from an IIS instance on my test machine.

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Wordpress Admin Console

I was able to update, install plug-ins and otherwise administer the Wordpress install from the standard admin console

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SEO Report

WebMatrix includes an optimization scanning feature that checks for SEO issues to address

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Database Tab

WebMatrix includes a tool for establishing and querying databases that I found helpful in preparing queries for the simple site I created.

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Razor Syntax in Action

I used Microsoft's "Razor" syntax to create a simple data-driven Web page.

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