Reader Response: This eWEEK

Readers respond to Stan Gibson's May 19 commentary.


(This letter is in response to) your top paragraph in This eWEEK about SCO.

Perhaps when someone takes something you have written, uses a new name, and then takes credit for it...then perhaps you will change your view.

If someone is going to create a new OS, call it their own, and fail to inform everyone that really they stole parts of the source code from some else—this is not only illegal, but unethical.

Then to have the nerve to call them Microsoftian, as an attempt to insult them for defending their propietary source code makes me question your journalism stance—are you truly just a Linux fan with bias, or reporting on an event that has occured without prejudice and slant?

Obviously you are not a Microsoft fan—but that is expected when I see your e-mail is from Ziff Davis.