Red Hat Launches Teiid Open-Source Data Integration Project

Red Hat announces the official launch of the Teiid data virtualization system project in the Community.

Red Hat has announced the official launch of the Teiid data virtualization system project in the Community.

Teiid, according to Red Hat, is an open-source community project that aims to deliver EII (Enterprise Information Integration) with both relational and X M L data virtualization. The Teiid project joins other Red Hat-sponsored open-source virtualization projects, including the project, and demonstrates Red Hat's commitment to providing a comprehensive range of virtualization capabilities.

Moreover, Red Hat officials said most open-source data integration technologies center on physically moving or copying data to locations. But Teiid is different as it focuses on data virtualization, which enables real-time access to data across heterogeneous data sources without copying or moving the data from the systems of record. Its JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and Web Services interfaces are designed to provide straightforward integration with both custom and commercial off-the-shelf applications.

Several constituencies are expected to benefit from Teiid, including developers, independent software vendors, systems integrators and enterprise architects.

"When Red Hat acquired MetaMatrix in April 2007, we committed to releasing the data services technology in the open-source community, and Teiid is the result of that promise," said Craig Muzilla, vice president of Red Hat's middleware business, in a statement. "The demand for applications and services leveraging the data stores of a typical organization never ends. But now, enterprises have a choice between expensive, proprietary data services and an enterprise-class open-source platform at a fraction of the cost."

Teiid also is expected to provide the backbone for future versions of the JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform, which is available via subscription.

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