RightCare, Emmi Partner on RightCall Patient Engagement Tool

RightCare will offer Emmi’s interactive technology alongside its solution, adding patient engagement and post-discharge outreach capabilities.

RightCall and health care IT

Medical technology company RightCare announced a partnership with Emmi Solutions, a specialist in outcomes-driven patient engagement, to improve care transitions and reduce readmission rates.

Through this collaboration, RightCare will offer Emmi’s interactive technology alongside its end-to-end solution, adding patient engagement and post-discharge outreach capabilities.

The product will be called RightCall, and the added communication features are designed to enable providers and case managers the ability to anticipate potential readmissions, providing the necessary time to advise the patient and offer a solution with the goal of preventing a readmission.

"With RightCall, patients, as well as members within their Circle of Care, participate in interactive evidence-based multimedia programs and personalized call campaigns that provide empathetic, understandable, and actionable information about their care plans," Matthew Tanzer, chief outcomes officer at RightCare, told eWEEK. "And by using scalable technology rather than adding human capital, hospitals will lower readmissions and improve overall quality at a fraction of the traditional costs."

RightCare’s end-to-end software is comprised of three modules—Risk Assessment, Coordination Central, and Post Care Connect—designed to assess patient risk and needs at the time of admission, ensure the most appropriate post-acute care plan is offered, and transition patient information to the post-acute care providers.

Emmi’s interactive programs and personalized call campaigns provide empathetic, understandable and actionable information to foster patient action and make care conversations more impactful.

The platform is designed using simple language and dynamic visuals to help patients make sense of complex medical information.

"The most fertile ground for collaboration between health technology companies like Emmi Solutions and RightCare occurs when there is a mutual customer with which to innovate," Tanzer said. "The 'if you build it, they will come' approach seldom works."

Tanzer explained that Heather Chung, the director of the Behavioral Health Transition of Care Program at Houston Methodist Hospital, provided such an opportunity.

Chung recognized the potential impact of having an end-to-end solution that identifies high-risk patients at admission, aligns them with the most appropriate post-acute care interventions and then tracks patient feedback in the home, and as a result, the idea for RightCall was born.

"Through this initial collaboration we discovered that RightCare and Emmi share the same mission of helping patients and the providers who care for them achieve the best outcomes possible, and so we decided to partner to bring our combined offering to the broadest possible audience," Tanzer said.

RighCall also recently raised growth equity from New Spring Capital, a health technology venture capital firm.

Tanzer said these funds will fuel investments in RightCare’s nationwide commercial expansion efforts, in launching new software applications, and in expanding into the growing post-acute care market.

"Our ultimate goal is to help providers across the nation reduce readmissions and improve care transitions, and we are delivering on that every day," he said.