Whos Your Closer? - Page 2

Five Web Links

1. Andersens Business Consulting Group

www.andersen.com/ businessconsulting

2. Research reports from Kennedy Information Research Group

www.kennedyinfo.com/ mc/krg.html

3. CTG presentations on various IT-related issues

www.ctg.com/pressroom/ pressroom_ctgarticle.htm

4. Winning Project Teams (white paper), by Russ Finney

www.itmweb.com/ essay003.htm

5. Cap Gemini Advanced Development Centers

www.usa.capgemini. com/adc/default.asp

Four People to Know

The following CIOs and consultants, among others, are quoted in this issues cover story:

Alex Alexander

CIO & VP, CTG International

Main line: 716-882-8000

Alden Cushman

VP of research, Kennedy Information Research Group

Main line: 603-585-3101

Tom Mangan

Global managing partner, Andersen Business Consulting Group

Main line: 312-580-0033

Bruce Tranen

Consultant, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Main line: 212-944-6464